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Video surveillance, Alarm systems and Smart home

Video surveillance, Alarm systems and Smart home

We can make your home safer and smarter using fast internet connections.

The system we use is produced by one of the German market leaders for innovative and easy to use security technology which can easily be integrated in new constructions or existing properties.

The alarm system and corresponding sensors communicate wirelessly, no need for new cables to be installed.

Worldwide video surveillance through the Internet

No matter where in the world you are, you can always keep an eye on your property

Professional german technology

Our professional surveillance cameras deliver impressive image quality and are incredibly easy to use. You can supervise your home in an easy way through an existing broadband internet connection on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

We have a huge variety of different cameras and equipment to choose from:

Indoor - Outdoor cameras // Wired or wireless connections // Power source through network cable (PoE) or normal power // Full HD resolution with night vision // Network video recorder for professional recordings // and much more …

Beispiel Webcam

Hier sehen Sie eine Lupusnet HD - LE934 Kamera in einem 30 Tages Zeitraffer.

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Alarm system and smart home

Safe and comfortable living

Keep your home safe
Alarmsystem / protection

The alarm system informs you in case of an incidence by SMS, phone call or email. Activate / Deactivate, check status of alarm system (e.g. is a window open? If so, which one?) and many other functions are at your fingertips anywhere in the world using your existing Internet connection and a specially designed app.

The alarm system can be extended using various sensors:

Window and door contacts // movement sensor // smoke sensor // water sensor // broken glass sensor // heat sensor // medical alarm sensor // and more…

You can control up to 2 different locations at the same time (e.g. Office and home), and you can activate “home mode” to use only certain specified functions of the system while you are inside the property.

Smart Home

Smart home, intelligent home, home automation … these are just a few names for this relatively new technology, which is already technically highly developed and available at a very reasonable price. Smart home is designed to fulfil the needs of the inhabitants, you will find that a lot of your daily routine tasks can be automised.

Here are a few examples of automated jobs which are possible using our smart home system:

  1. Control electric blinds by time and week day or even by daylight..
  2. Automatic shutdown of air conditioning and/or heater if a window or door is left open.
  3. Automatic shutdown of all or only selected electric circuits when leaving the house and restart on return.
  4. Automatic regulation of heating or manual regulation even if you are not at home.
  5. Automatically opening the front door when the alarm system is deactivated and switching the light on depending on time or daylight.

The possibilities of the smart home systems are limited only by the imagination of the user.

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